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Kozy® Heat Fireplaces is one of the leading fireplace manufacturers. Their designs include top energy efficient home heating fireplaces with a modern and contemporary accent to complement any home. There are designs for every décor and you can customize your look to fit your style. The products include gas fireplaces, gas inserts for fireplaces, gas stoves, electric fireplaces and wood burning fireplaces. Since 1976 Kozy has been heating houses you want to come home to. There is no better way to chase away a cold Denver night than to sit by a Kozy® Heat Fireplace.

Gas Inserts

If you are tired of your outdated, inefficient, open-burning fireplace, it may be time to upgrade to a beautiful gas insert by Kozy® Heat Fireplaces. They offer three different series, multiple sizes, options, and features. Stop by any of IHT's four locations and customize an insert for your home.
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Gas Fireplaces

Kozy® Heat Gas Fireplaces offer a variety of designs, options, and styles for every home décor. If you have been looking for a contemporary, modern, or traditional fireplace, we've got the fireplace for you. We have dozens of models available, with several options to customize the fireplace and make it your own.
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Electric Fireplaces

Kozy® Heat Fireplaces' newest addition to their fireplace lines is the Osseo electric linear fireplaces and inserts. These versatile fireplaces deliver an additional supplemental heat source that is easy to install in any room in your home. There are many options available to customize the look of your fireplace.
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Gas Stoves

If you've been searching for a more rustic fireplace look, a Kozy® Heat Fireplaces gas stove may be what you're searching for. They come in small or large size, with lots of options to choose from. They can be installed anywhere in your home for a fantastic optional heat source.
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Wood Fireplace

Nothing beats the look, feel, and smell of a wood-burning fireplace. That's why Kozy® Heat Fireplaces offers two Zero clearance, EPA Approved options designed to heat your home efficiently. They offer three grill options, so you can customize these fireplaces to match your décor.
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