Paradise® Series

The best of luxury and practicality.

Is your idea of paradise a beautiful, serene oasis where you can relax and recharge? If so, the Paradise® Series is the perfect fit for you. These hot tubs are designed with both style and function in mind, featuring a modern twist on a classic spa design. Whether you’re looking to decompress after a long day or connect with loved ones, these hot tubs provide the best of both luxury and practicality. Enjoy a paradise made just for you with a Paradise Series hot tub by Caldera Spas today!

Paradise® Series Features

Seats and Jets

Whether you're looking to unwind after a long day or just want to enjoy the outdoors, Paradise Series hot tubs are here to help you relax. With their roomy interior and deeply sculpted seats, your feet, calves, thighs, and back will find comfortable relief. Their ergonomic design ensures that each jet hits exactly the right spot for calming massage therapy. Enjoy the deep tissue massage of your very own hot tub in your backyard.

Hot Tub Circuit Therapy®

Get ready to target and treat specific muscles with the Hot Tub Circuit Therapy® system featured in the Paradise Series hot tubs. Each seat is thoughtfully designed with its own unique configuration of jets, so you can enjoy an individualized massage with pinpoint precision. Now you can easily direct your experience and knead away aches and pains. Experience the ultimate in luxury hydrotherapy.

FreshWater® Salt System

Maintain your hot tub effortlessly with the FreshWater® Salt System featured in the Paradise series of hot tubs. This effective system simplifies your water care and helps to create longer-lasting sanitation for a naturally luxurious spa experience. By generating chlorine from salt, you’ll reduce the amount of chemicals used to keep your spa clean and have fewer drains and refills each year. It's no wonder this system is so popular! Enjoy the ultimate relaxation with ease.

Caldera Points of Light System

Transform your hot tub experience with the Caldera Points of Light System featured in the Paradise Series hot tubs. Immerse yourself in the vibrant, ambient light that illuminates the footwell, interior shell, and water's top edge. Choose from six brilliant colors or have it cycle through all of them. Create a unique environment every time you enjoy a hot tub soak with unparalleled brilliance.

Innovative Energy Efficiency

Redefine energy efficiency with the EnergyPro® circulation pump. This state-of-the-art technology operates using lower wattage and instead transfers energy back to the spa water as heat. Enjoy powerful performance without sacrificing energy costs at the same time.

Entertainment Options

Looking for more ways to enhance your hot tub relaxation experience? Enjoy the array of entertainment options available to add to your hot tub.

Starting with the built-in speakers, easily hook them up to a Bluetooth® wireless sound system. Choose to play a calming meditative while you soak or turn up the party tunes during a backyard barbecue. Add an optional wireless TV for the ultimate indulgence and watch live TV or stream your favorite movies from the comfort of your own hot tub.

Recharge Your Spirit

Have you been imagining a blissful backyard sanctuary? Bring your hot tub dreams to reality.

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