Utopia® Series

Your true oasis to meet your wellness needs.

The Utopia® Series is an alluring line of spas packed with hydrotherapy power, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for an unforgettable spa experience. Each model in this series features the FreshWater® Salt System, delivering water that feels natural and lasts longer. With easy-to-use touchscreen controls and architecturally inspired cabinetry, the Utopia Series is truly in a class of its own. Transform your wellness through the aquatic paradise offered by the Utopia Series. Caldera hot tubs are truly pure comfort!

Utopia® Series Features

Seats and Jets

Unwind in total comfort with the seats and jets of a Utopia series hot tub. Designed to have deeply sculpted seating that contours your body perfectly so you can settle into a peaceful state of relaxation. On top of that, a series of powerful jets, including wrist, hip, and neck jets, relieve any kinks or tension in your muscles to provide an invigorating massage. Enjoy all of these amazing features in one luxurious hot tub.

Hot Tub Circuit Therapy®

Get all the therapeutic benefits of a visit to the spa in your own home with Hot Tub Circuit Therapy® from a Utopia series hot tub. Each seat or position is specially designed to deliver targeted hydrotherapy to a specific muscle group with the help of ergonomic seating and focused jets. Experience an unparalleled level of comfort and relief with this unique feature as you relax in your own private oasis.

FreshWater® Salt System

Enjoy effortless and crystal clear water with the FreshWater Salt System. Reduce water usage by up to 75% compared to a traditional hot tub, and never worry about manually adding sanitizing chemicals as it does all the work for you. With this innovative system you also only need to drain and refill your hot tub once a year instead of quarterly, saving you both time and money.

SpaGlo® Lighting System

Transform your outdoor space and soak up the mood with the SpaGlo® Lighting System. Light up different zones of your hot tub like the waterfall, footwell, exterior cabinet and more for an unforgettable ambience – perfect for hot tub parties or nighttime soaks. Create a relaxed atmosphere as you adjust the brightness of each zone to match your individual preference.

Innovative Energy Efficiency

Enjoy having to spend less time and money on energy costs with the Utopia series hot tubs innovative energy efficiency features. Their thermal isolated base pan is designed to minimize ground contact so heat isn't lost through cold ground during the winter season - a great fit for Colorado. Plus, their EnergyPro pump circulates water using lower wattage, making it much more efficient when it comes to heating the water. You can relax knowing you're reducing your energy costs while maximizing hot tub enjoyment.

Entertainment Options

With its array of entertainment options, you can enjoy a truly unique entertainment experience with a Utopia series hot tub.

Hook up the built-in speakers to a Bluetooth wireless sound system to blast your favorite tunes.
You even have the option to add a wireless anti-glare TV so you can watch live TV or stream movies while soaking in the luxurious warmth of your hot tub. Let the Utopia series be your private oasis and transport you to a state of pure bliss.

Recharge Your Spirit

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